Earthen Designs, LLC proudly offers new lawn installations through our unique certified seeding integrations. Choose from
Our organic approach starts with dense coverage of the heartiest grass types. Whether maintaining or starting anew, a healthy lawn can enhance your ornamental landscape!
As a commercial and residential organic fertilization specialist, we offer the highest quality natural and organic fertilizers and plant nutrients. Upon soil testing, analysis and grass type identification, a tailored organic program generates optimum sustainability. Our extensive line of specialty control products eliminate pests and maintain a safe environment. Organic lawn, tree, shrub and garden feedings are safe to your family and pets. Schedule now for the 2015 season!
The Result
Let's achieve lush lawns and healthy ornamental landscapes through proven organic solutions!
Now Customizing 2015 Programs! 

  • Organic Fertilization Programs


  • Tree & Shrub Nutrients & Protection


  • Full Lawn Renovation/ Installation


  • Certified Seed Integration


  • Organic Tick Knockdown


  • Organic Pest/ Rodent Controls


  • Organic Grub Control


  • Organic Crab Grass Pre-Emergent


  • Organic & Natural Weed Control


  • Shrub Bed, Patio & Driveway Weed Prevention


  • Aerate, De-thatch, Inoculate


  • Ornamental Pruning


  • Custom Grounds/ Soft Scape Development


  • Fully Organic Garden Feedings

  • Specialty Sprays

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